When We Were Young And Needed The Money

by Disfunktion

Released June 26, 2015 on Armada. Toplines written and produced by Mike James.


Love - not fear
Trust - not prison
Walls - shot down
Free - no chains at all
Shackles off your heart
No chains at all
Prisoner no more

Give - don't want
Hold - don't smother
Life - is real
Free - no cage at all
Melt your prison bars
no cage at all
Prisoner no more

ear - don't speak
Speak - with action
Act - from love
Free - no hate at all
Release your prison guard
no hate at all
Prisoner no more
no more

Break Free
Make Love - break free
Life is in the details
The demon and the dove
The answer's in the question
Would you break your heart to make love?

Make Love!

Break love
Break pain
Break greed
Break gain
Break steel
Break state
Break real
Break fake
Break laws
Break lines
Break bonds
Break free

Make love!

Break hate
Break pain
Break greed
Break gain
Break doubt
Break free
Break out
And be

Every Moment
Every moment

lyric & melody © 2014 (mike james)
Milk Music Co. - Kobalt Music Publishing