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KYFRA & Eche Palante

by KYFRA & Eche Palante

Released May 3, 2016 on Tipsy Records. Topline written and produced by Mike James.

She says she don't wanna hear it anymore
I feel my feet start walking toward the door
But even though our star has fallen
And I am no longer your guardian
I'll still be there, if you need me let me know
Cuz that's what friends are for

She's got that look now like a child on the floor
But even as walls will divide us
I know there's love left inside us
And we'll never take back the love we gave before
Cuz this is not a war

So in the darkest night
I won't be far away
If you need me there I got you
If I lose my sight
You're looking out for me
If you need me there I got you

I got you

lyric & melody © 2015 (mike james)
Milk Music Co.