The Human Puzzle

by Marco V

Released April 21, 2016 on In Charge Recordings/Be Yourself Music. Spoken word topline written and produced by Mike James. 

You know that you’re a piece to a puzzle right?
A near infinite puzzle that grows in size every day - incredibly beautiful and complex - it’s called humanity
But sometimes - sadly now, almost all the time
We’ll take the puzzle piece that is us and we will pound it as hard as we can into a place it’s not meant to go cuz we’re gonna make that shit fit - pound it in - make it fit
Because it means so much that we appear to fit
But the funny thing is when you force that piece in - when you wedge it in
Well the next piece doesn’t fit right does it
And the piece after that - and the piece after that - and the piece after that
Yet we’ll keep on pounding them down - ignoring the obvious
Until we have a picture that’s so distorted - so upside down
That nobody’s sure what the fuck the picture’s even supposed to be anymore

So what do we call this bizarre doppelgänger puzzle we’ve created? - hmmm - well……
What’s a suitable name for a glaring distraction that doesn’t look like anything close to the reality it’s meant to reflect?
Let me see….
Facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, reality TV, pintrest, vines, Black Friday, endless selfies, comic book movies, Donald Trump, drone warfare, home grown terrorists, YouTube stars, anything Kardashian, cyber bullies, Hollywood, Bollywood, the 1%, the 99% who are content to put up with the 1%, public schools, pop stars, brutal dictators, modern politics and politicians, big oil, organized religion, whatever scientology is, McFashion week, hipster culture, big pharma, that plastic island in the middle of the ocean, ass hole big game sport hunters, network news, twerking, the hard left and the hard right, 50 shades of Grey, celebrity journalism, doggy day care, multi millionaire athletes - you get the idea.

And there’s no way we can bring this picture into proper focus - right?
Actually, there is, all we have to do is revert back to the authentic versions of ourselves that we were on the day that we entered this reality
And see humanity’s current mountain of shit for what it is - absolutely meaningless
We simply reboot who we are and return to what we were put here to be
Each of us an equal, perfect, and important piece
of the human puzzle
lyric & melody © 2015 (mike james)
Milk Music Co.