What is a 'topline'? A topline is the lyric & melody created on 'top' of an instrumental piece of music.


How is a topline made and how long? Just like a music producer a topline producer takes many hours & weeks to create a topline. Lyrics and melody are written and re-written many times before the final version is completed. We then bring in a vocalist to record Our topline which takes a few hours. We then move on to the editing stage. This can take days/weeks depending on the length and intricacy of the song. The last stage of production is the final mix to create the perfect sound for your track. From start to finish you can expect delivery of your topline in 4 - 6 weeks.


What genre of electronic music do you create toplines for?   We can create a topline in most every genre of electronic music.


Can you create an original topline for me? Yes, custom toplines are requested by most producers. A custom topline gives you the freedom to have vocals created specifically for your track, with the sound/style/vocalist exactly the way you want it.


Do you have pre-made toplines available? Yes, pre-made toplines are available but move fairly quickly.


Do you provide the vocalist for the topline you will create for me? Yes, We have a wide variety of very talented professional vocalists (male & female) We hire to come into Our studio to record the topline We create. Our vocalists do not write/create Our toplines they sing on. 


What are the fees for a topline?  Our fees for a topline vary depending on the length and amount of work required for the project. Please give us a shout for more details on prices.